CNA Nursing Skill (Hand Washing) – With Video

The proper way to wash hands for the CNA Skill State Test

Washing Hands


Washing hands is the most important skill for anyone in health care. In CNA school, you must demonstrate how to wash your hands, and say this during each skill at the appropriate time. Here are the steps to washing your hands for the CNA state test. **Please note- Some states require you to turn ON the water with a paper towel. Some only require that you use paper towels to turn the water OFF. Please make sure to know what your state CNA testing site will require you to do.

Steps to the Hand Washing CNA Skills test-
1. Turn on the water. Make sure the water is warm. (Make sure to know if your state requires you to turn on the water with a paper towel, or not.

2. Make sure to keep your hands down, not touching the sink (Automatic failure) and wet your wrists and hands thoroughly.

3. Apply enough soap to hands.

4. Lather all surfaces including the wrists, hands, fingers. Clean the nails by rubbing the open palm of your hand in a circular motion.

5. Rinse wrists, hands, fingers well.

6. Use a clean, dry paper towel to dry all surfaces from the wrists to fingernails.

7. After discarding those paper towels, get another paper towel and turn off the water. I personally use one for each, hot and cold knob, just to be on the safe side.

CNA Hand Washing Tips- You will be wearing a watch. Make sure this watch can slide on and off easily so you do not wet your watch, and then not be able to use it for the following skills assigned to you, such as checking blood pressure, counting respiration’s or pulse.

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